Hone your message on Medicare Advantage

The so-called “Medicare Advantage” program is complicated by design, but our demands are simple. For-profit middlemen should have no place in Medicare; their only role is to delay, deny, and restrict care for patients … in order to generate profits for shareholders and executives.

Shortly before the anniversary of Medicare being signed into law, we hosted a training session on how to talk about Medicare Advantage, including advice on how to tailor your message to specific audiences like seniors, legislators, activists, and physicians.

Watch our communications webinar

Understanding your audience

For more detailed communications advice, read our one-page messaging guide detailing the most important principles to keep in mind when talking about Medicare Advantage. One thing everybody should understand is that, even though health insurance corporations are wealthy and powerful, we can organize an effective campaign to stop them from taking over Traditional Medicare.

Ready to take action? Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper raising the alarm about Medicare Advantage. Tell your personal story, and demand that your legislators put an end to insurance company abuses today! Questions? Email gaurav@pnhp.org.