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So-called Medicare “Advantage” plans allow health insurance corporations to delay and deny care, and to restrict our choice of doctors. This hurts seniors and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare each and every day.

Resolutions Cover

Health insurance corporations overcharge taxpayers by up to $140 billion per year. If we eliminated these overpayments, we could totally eliminate all Medicare Part B premiums.

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Dr. Ed Weisbart warns us about corporate health insurance

Building on the promise of Traditional Medicare

For decades, health insurance corporations have chipped away at the Traditional Medicare program. Today, more than half of seniors are enrolled in a so-called “Medicare Advantage” plan. These plans make health insurance corporations very rich by delaying and denying medically necessary care and limiting patients’ choice of doctor. Enough is enough! We need to push back on corporate profiteering and demand improvements to Traditional Medicare like dental, vision, and hearing benefits; zero premiums; and an out-of-pocket maximum.

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Seniors and people with disabilities are fighting to heal Medicare

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