Engaging with your legislator

Now that corporate health insurers are “managing benefits” for more than half of people on Medicare, the so-called “advantage” program is coming under heavy scrutiny. Congress has a significant role to play in stopping insurers from delaying and denying care on a whim—and in resisting lobbyist pressure to reward these corporations for their bad behavior. We urge you to reach out to your U.S. House representative and your U.S. senators, request meetings, and urge them to crack down on corporate profiteering in Medicare.

Legislative outreach toolkit

  • Preparing for your meeting
  • Materials for participants
  • Developing your personal story
  • Dueling letters to Medicare administrators
    • House and Senate letters highlighting the harm caused by Medicare Advantage and demanding reforms
    • House and Senate letters praising corporate health insurers and glossing over the harm done to patients 
  • Materials to leave behind with legislators

Once you meet with your legislator, make sure to let us know how it went! Fill out our quick report-back form HERE, and stay tuned for more information on legislative advocacy as we approach open enrollment in the fall. Plus, stay tuned for a proposed bill in 2025 that will crack down on the worst corporate abuses in Medicare Advantage—and that will significantly improve the Traditional Medicare program.

Looking to catch up on our full legislative training sessions? Check out the recordings below!

Engaging with legislators (part one)

Engaging with legislators (part two)

Ready to take action? Sign our petition demanding Congress and President Biden protect Medicare beneficiaries by cracking down on insurance company abuses, and by significantly improving the traditional, public Medicare program. Questions? Email mandy@pnhp.org.