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Social Security Works: Beware celebrity endorsements

Celebrities like Joe Namath and William Shatner aren’t shy about telling you to sign up for a so-called “Medicare Advantage” plan. Bowzer from Sha-Na-Na (and Social Security Works) followed their advice, but things didn’t go quite the way he’d hoped.

Be a Hero: Fighting to Reclaim Medicare

During Medicare’s anniversary week, the Be a Hero campaign joined forces with New York City retirees and other Medicare champions to call for an end to corporate profiteering. Watch the full livestream HERE, and sign their petition to Reclaim Medicare at

Healthcare-NOW: Stories from the Front Lines

The advocacy organization Healthcare-NOW invited members who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage to share their experiences with the program. This call resulted in over 100 responses “encompassing a wide range of experiences and a few concerning trends.” Those trends are detailed in “Taking Advantage: Stories from the Front Lines of the Privatization of Medicare.”

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